Kabaddi Betting Sites in Bangladesh

It’s no secret that betting has been increasing in popularity every year for over 20 years now. And while not that long ago, people had to visit offline bookmakers in order to place bets and win money, nowadays, you don’t even need to go anywhere, as online bookmakers appeared!

There are a lot of different bookmakers who offer different sportsbooks, bonuses, payment methods and more. But, one of the most popular sports to bet on is kabaddi. This is why our team of experts has gathered the most accurate information about the greatest bookmakers for kabaddi betting. 

So, without further ado, let’s check them out to choose the one that suits you the best!

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced kabaddi fan from India, or you’re just new to kabaddi betting and are interested in the game. The importance of learning about the most popular kabaddi betting events is a fact. 

In order to gather the most accurate information and present it to you, our team observes a numerous amount of different bookmakers. And because kabaddi is so popular not only in India, but all over the world, we have thoroughly gone through all of them, to let you choose from only the best conditions for kabaddi betting.

While we were researching, we noticed that currently, VIVO Pro Kabaddi League is the most valuable and interesting event to place your bets on. But fans place bets not only on VIVO Pro Kabaddi League, but also on events such as Asian Games, the Kabaddi World Cup, and the Super Kabaddi League. Let’s go through them in more detail.

  • VIVO Pro Kabaddi League. This is the biggest league for both the teams playing and people who wish to place bets on the games, and is also the most watched league. 
  • Asian Games. Kabaddi is popular in India, that’s a fact, but it is also really popular in Asian countries. Kabaddi gained popularity after Iran won its first Asian Games Gold. 
  • Kabaddi World Cup. This Cup was founded in 2004, and it is recognized all over the world. The last one was held in 2016, and all the Cups were won by India. But in the near future, it’s possible for other countries to obtain first place, as more and more countries are becoming interested in the game.
  • Super Kabaddi League. This tournament is relatively new, but not less fun. This league is a professional league in Pakistan, the second most popular kabaddi country in the world. 

All of these events are available for literally any player, not only players from India.

Betting platforms

Betting platforms

If you are an experienced kabaddi bettor, you probably already know that there are multiple ways to place bets on kabaddi. But what you probably don’t know is that like any other industry, the kabaddi industry is constantly improving, and makes everything possible to attract new users by adding more platforms.

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Of course, if you have already previously placed bets on kabaddi, you know about the traditional online sportsbook. And while most bookmakers represent only the most basic ways to bet on kabaddi, as well as other sports, there are, in fact, a lot more new options for kabaddi betting in the world.

We present to you the different alternate sports betting sites that you can check out, and probably find the way of betting that suits you the most. And what’s also worth mentioning is that if you don’t like any of the platforms we present to you, you are still welcome by bookmakers to place bets on the best kabaddi events. 

How do we qualify the best kabaddi betting sites?

Let’s all agree that watching the game of kabaddi and having the opportunity to receive money from it is definitely pleasing. A lot of bookmakers offer their players crazy odds that will give you a great reward, but with a great risk. So it is definitely important to cool your head off and think straight when choosing the kabaddi betting site.

Because of the rarity of the sport nowadays, there are not that many bookmakers who offer its players kabaddi betting. But the sites that we present to you are the best kabaddi betting sites on the market. And we advise you to choose the betting sites relying on the next criteria:

  • Simple Registration Process. It’s safe to say that the long and boring registration process is not fun at all. Make sure you choose the site that has a quick registration. If you think you’re having trouble with signing up, you should probably consider changing the bookmaker, as the registration process should be quick and easy. 
  • Promotions and Bonuses. For any player, bonuses and promotions are one of the most important aspects of betting. This is not surprising, as the better the bonus – the more you will receive. This is why if you see that the bookmaker’s bonuses are not worth it, you should consider another bookmaker. We recommend you to select a couple sites with the best bonuses, and from this list, choose the one that is most suitable for you.

As you can see, there’s nothing over-complicated about choosing a great kabaddi betting site.

Best Kabaddi Betting Apps

Best Kabaddi Betting Apps

When it comes to choosing a good kabaddi betting app, it’s really hard to choose the best out of the best. This is because all of the apps have their own strengths and weaknesses. But, as we have carefully observed a lot of apps, we can point out the best of them.

  • Betway. Betway has a great app for people that are inexperienced in punting. It is really user-friendly, and has an intuitive interface. One of the advantages of Betway’s app is its live betting. The bookmaker has great competitive odds, as well as nice bonuses and promotions.
  • 22Bet. 22Bet’s app offers its players a great range of betting options to choose from. The app has all the same features the website has. This involves a great visual design, a great sportsbook, as well as live kabaddi betting and pleasant payment methods.
  • Bet365. Bet365 has a nice betting app that not only lets you bet on sportsbook and casino games, but also on kabaddi. The app offers one of the greatest odds in comparison to other bookmakers. It also provides really great live streaming of kabaddi games, as well as other sports. You may even be able to stream a live kabaddi game.
  • LeoVegas. LeoVegas has managed to stick to the name of a great bookmaker with a nice app. With the app of LeoVegas, you’re allowed to place bets on kabaddi with different events. The app lets you watch all the games via live streaming, but unfortunately, if you want to bet far in advance, you won’t be able to.
  • Dafabet. Dafabet is a great option for kabaddi betting, and the advantage of their mobile app is that it also gives you access to the betting exchange. Dafabet is also a great choice if you are interested in bonuses and promotions, some of which are also available for kabaddi betting. The app is easy to use and can be downloaded from the Dafabet homepage.

Top Sites Offering Kabaddi Betting Bonuses

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, there are numerous bookmakers that offer great ones. Literally any bookmaker will offer you a welcome bonus, so that you’re tempted to create an account and use a specific bookmaker. And while there are a lot of bonuses in general, when it comes to kabaddi bonuses, the choice is very limited. So because of that, let us offer you sites that offer their players kabaddi betting bonuses.

  • 10cric. Since 10cric is a bookmaker that strongly focuses on Indian players, they offer not only great bonuses for cricket, but also pleasant bonuses for kabaddi. You have almost 100% to receive a special bonus when PKL occurs. You’re safe to choose 10cric if you wish to obtain a kabaddi bonus, be it a kabaddi free bet or a kabaddi odds boost.
  • Dafabet. This bookmaker strongly focuses on Asian players, and since kabaddi is popular in Asia, it’s only logical for them to offer their players kabaddi bonuses. You are almost guaranteed to receive bonuses for PKL, the Asian Games, and the Kabaddi World Cup.
  • 22Bet. 22Bet is a bookmaker that offers its players tons of great bonuses and promotions, and since kabaddi is one of the main sports they focus on, it’s not surprising that they offer kabaddi bonuses. These include free bets on kabaddi, odds boosts and reload bonuses.

The three ones that we have presented to you are the best on the market, but it doesn’t mean that other bookmakers don’t offer their players kabaddi bonuses at all. They offer their players free bets on kabaddi, as well as odds boosts or enhanced accumulators.

Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges were first shown in the early 2000s, and slowly but surely, they are evolving into a great platform for sports betting. At first, players were skeptical, but with time, it has rapidly increased in popularity.

The concept of a betting exchange is simple: you compete in betting with players, not the bookmaker. Of course, odds are also included, but in a betting exchange, the odds are decided by players and not the bookmaker. 

Obviously, one of you will be victorious, and the betting exchange will take a commision on the total bet amount. As you may probably guess, this way of betting on sports is actually much more interesting, as you can find the bet you want to place, but choose the odds by negotiating. And if you cannot find a bet that suits you the most, you can simply create an offer and wait when someone will agree to it.

Kabaddi Sportsbooks

You’re probably already accustomed with standard online sportsbooks. They offer players the most basic concept of betting: choose the match and the odds, enter the amount, and confirm a bet. But what’s worth learning is that every bookmaker has its own policy when it comes to creating the odds. And when it comes to kabaddi, you definitely need to check out what odds and markets the bookmaker that you want to bet on offers.

Overview of top Kabaddi Markets

Overview of top Kabaddi Markets

Kabaddi, like any other sport that is available for betting, has its own unique markets for betting. If you’re new to betting, you should consider using the easiest markets available. But if you already have experience, you can try something harder, but more rewarding. We have prepared for you a list with the most popular kabaddi markets.

  • Match Winner. This market is the most popular market for literally any sport, including kabaddi. The concept is very simple: predict which team will win the match, and win money. If you chose Match Winner as your market, nothing should interest you as much as who will win the match. And you shouldn’t guess the exact score – as long as the team that you placed a bet on wins, you’re in luck.
  • Outrights. This market is usually used by more experienced kabaddi bettors who have the knowledge of teams, players and competitions. This market requires you to think a lot and predict the overall outcome of a certain competition. For example, you need to predict which team will win the Asian Games. And you don’t necessarily need to predict the winner before the competition, you can do that while the competition is going.
  • Point Spread. This is yet another popular kabaddi betting market. It’s kind of the opposite of the Match Winner, as you need to predict the specific number of points the team will score, and not whether the team will win or not at all.

How to Place a Bet on Kabaddi?

The process of placing bets on kabaddi events is very simple, and doesn’t differ much from bookmaker to bookmaker. In order to place a bet on kabaddi, you need to:


Log into your account;


Visit the Sportsbook;


Choose Kabaddi from the list of available sports;


Choose the League you wish to bet on;


Choose a Match you wish to bet on;


Choose the odds that you’re satisfied with;


Enter the amount you wish to bet;


Confirm your bet.

And that’s it! After these steps, the amount you’ve betted will be deducted, and if your bet wins, you will receive your winnings.

Kabaddi Betting Options

There are not any goals or runs in kabaddi. Instead, what’s important is the amount of tags or points they accumulated. But, as you may probably think, predicting that can be quite hard, so the odds are often very high. Another betting option is for you to predict which player will score the most raiding points, which player will score the most defense points etc.

Popular Payment Methods for Kabaddi Betting in Bangladesh

When it comes to betting in Bangladesh, it’s very important for bookmakers to have great payment methods for their players to choose from. This is proven by time, as a lot of people decline bookmakers because they do not offer their favorite payment method. You can check out the table below, and learn which payment methods are available for usage.

Payment methodTime of processing
UPIUp to 3 hours
Bank TransferUp to 3 hours
CryptocurrencyUp to 3 hours

Summary and Conclusion

12 Mar 2024, 3:11 pm

In conclusion, we want to say that betting on kabaddi is definitely really fun and entertaining for players all over the world, including Bangladesh. You can believe our choice of bookmakers, as all of them offer the most pleasant conditions, including great payment methods, bonuses and promotions, intuitive interfaces, as well as flawless work and great odds and markets. We hope that by reading our article, you will learn something new that will make you place better bets on kabaddi. Good luck!


Can I bet on Pro Kabaddi Live?

Of course you can! A lot of betting sites offer their players the opportunity to place bets on Pro Kabaddi live, and some of them even offer you live streaming of games.

Which tournament is the most popular to bet on kabaddi?

There are a lot of popular tournaments, but the most popular one is definitely Pro Kabaddi. It was conceived in 2014, and since then, has managed to obtain a very large fan base. All the bookmakers offer only the greatest odds on this tournament.

Is Live Betting possible in kabaddi?

Yes, it is possible. The matches are played in two halves, so live bets are offered by many bookmakers.

Can I place bets on kabaddi if I’m underage?

No, you can’t. Betting is an activity that is entertaining, but addicting. And while older people know that they should not rush when betting, a younger generation may be blinded by the opportunity to earn fast money. This is why bookmakers have specific conditions that strictly say that no player who is not of at least 18 or up can place bets.

Can I change the bookmaker?

Of course you can. If you suddenly feel that you want to change the bookmaker, or if your bookmaker doesn’t satisfy your needs anymore, you can change the bookmaker. Don’t worry, nobody will accuse you of that.