About Us

About Us

In a country that never needed more reason to escalate its passion for cricket, sports betting ended up raising the already high temperature after the clashes by a few more degrees. Although many believe that profit is the sole purpose of a betting slip, as the credit card commercial says, there are things that money can’t buy. 

In recent years, bookmakers are gaining more and more space. With the democratization of the Internet and the increased interest of people in sports predictions, there has been a boom in this area recently. And the trend is that the sports betting sector will grow even more in the coming decades.

Thus, it is normal for many people to look for sports betting sites to get an online gaming experience. But, first of all, you need to know how and where to look for good bookmakers.

It is to help in this mission that we work daily here at onlinebettingexpress.com. So, if you are looking for the best online betting sites, we can certainly help. Based on this, we find it necessary to provide the citizens of India with reliable information about the process that will regulate sports betting in the country.

On the other hand, we know that Bangladesh is one of the largest online betting markets in the world today. It has millions of potential players, in addition to being a nation passionate about the most diverse sports.

In this sense, Online Betting Express is today one of the largest online portals in Bangladesh on the subject. We produce high-quality content with a focus on educating and helping bettors understand sports betting.

In this way, Online Betting Express divides its content into:

  • Articles and News: News about the regulation of online betting in Bangladesh. News about the market, about sports and interviews with authorities on the subject.
  • Educational Guides: Focused on learning all aspects of online betting, our guides cover basic, intermediate and advanced concepts to help all types of bettors.
  • Bookmaker Reviews: An in-depth analysis of the main betting sites operating in Bangladesh. We bring all the features, resources, advantages and disadvantages for Indians offered by these platforms.

Onlinebettingexpress.com mission is above all to be an unbiased, serious and trustworthy place for readers to learn about all the nuances of online sports betting. Our content is constantly being updated, and comments, tips and suggestions from our readers are always welcome to improve our work!


To produce high-quality content with rigor and demand, Online Betting Express brings together some of the most qualified professionals in Bangladesh. Our team is made up of professionals with proven experience in the sports betting segment, which allows us to inspire trust among our readers. Meet our team below!

Sarvesh Sharma | Site Manager

Sarvesh Sharma is one of our Online Betting Specialists. He started together with the project as a content producer, being today Site Manager of Online Betting Express. He knows bookmakers like no one else and has the best tips for those who want to bet with quality.

Amrutha Ru | Content Manager / Copywriter

Raghav Gill is passionate about cricket, doesn’t miss a Chennai Super Kings game and always participates in the IPL pools. With over 8 years of experience, she is our Content Manager / Copywriteranalyzes bookmakers to create accurate and quality reviews. In addition to, of course, having the role of keeping our readers updated on the news that arises in the world of online betting.

Business Model

Online Betting Express is an independent project which aims to provide quality information to our readers about all aspects of online betting. This includes, as already explained, the release of news and articles on legislation, as well as educational guides and bookmaker reviews. That’s our mission.

We never charge our readers for the content we offer. But, of course, we are financially rewarded for our work.

When exploring our website, users may voluntarily be directed to the brands’ platforms to register on them. When a user clicks on the platforms, we can earn a commission or a referral bonus.

It is important to note that the affiliation-based business model is quite common in the digital world. Other famous examples are platforms that compare prices for flights and hotel stays.

Likewise, being a partner is not a requirement for a bookmaker to be analyzed in Online Betting Express. We produce analyzes of operators with whom we have no business relationship or interest but which we consider relevant and important to our readers.